Delighted, we're Shopopop!

As you may or may not yet know, Shopopop is the crowdshipping solution. Here, we tell you more about our history, our mission and our commitments.

Once upon a time...

On his return from India, Antoine Cheul is fascinated by a delivery system he discovered there: dabbawallahs. A highly ingenious method of delivering meal boxes, with coluor codes, numbers and letters, no digital technology and an error rate of 1 in 16 million!

At the same time, in France, car-sharing was booming and food drives were on the increase. That's when Johan Ricault and his team, along with one of their former teachers and a computer science student, came up with the sketches for a brand-new delivery concept: crowdshipping.

The idea was simple: every day, thousands of private individuals make journeys such as going to work, dropping their children off at school, visiting a loved one, and so on. But what if all these journeys could also be used to deliver goods?

That's how Shopopop was born in 2015!

Shopopops' origins: Dabbawallahs

Today, Shopopop is the European leader in crowdshipping

Since 2015, Shopopop has come a long way! The service is now available in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Car pictogram
8 millions

completed deliveries

Store pictogram
6 000

partner stores

People pictogram
150 000

active individual deliverers

Customer satisfaction rating

customer satisfaction rate

More than a concept, a collective virtue

At the heart of the collaborative economy, Shopopop reinvents delivery around a collective virtue. A veritable community of merchants, consumers and individual deliverers is committed to virtuous deliveries on a daily basis! Everyone becomes essential to everyone else, and everyone finds an answer to their needs.

Retailers, for their part, offer their customers crowdshipping home delivery. This is a flexible, humane and responsible delivery solution that requires no material or human investment on their part.

To carry out these deliveries, private individuals take advantage of their journeys to deliver to consumers along the way. In exchange for this service, they receive a few euros. It's a great way to make ends meet while providing a service!

Shopopop makes people smile

We're committed to the planet and to people

Last-mile delivery accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions* - that's far too much! At Shopopop, we strive to make as many deliveries as possible on routes already planned by thousands of individuals. This reduces CO2e emissions by up to 72%**.

For us, it's also important to improve people's daily lives. With crowdshipping delivery, we enable everyone to have their goods delivered to their homes, whether in urban or rural areas. A real social link across the territories. As for the drivers who make the deliveries, they become essential to others, real everyday heroes who provide a service along the way and make ends meet.

* Source: Big Blue, "Le dernier kilomètre : un véritable défi pour la logistique verte", 2021

** Internal study

Shopopop commitments

An authentic team

The company is based in France, in an eco-designed, easily accessible building close to the railway station. Today, there are 145 employees in 10 departments, working in more than 20 different professions. It's a real place for exchanging ideas and sharing, so that we can move forward ever better, ever further, but always together!

And through our international offices, we have 23 employees, divided between the Benelux countries, Italy and Spain.

Shopopop team

Press area: download our media kit

Our press kit gives you access to all our visuals. It contains various versions of our logo, our co-founders' headshots and photos of our service in action. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for!