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By joining the Shopopop community, you become a individual deliverer! An individual deliverer is a person who takes advantage of their regular trips to deliver to consumers, in exchange for a few money. And it’s together that we make delivery more virtuous! So, are you in?

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download on app store

A happy community,
and a few extra money!

As an individual, Shopopop allows you to optimize your regular trips while rounding off your end of the month.
A very, very nice app to supplement your income, while helping others!

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average tip per delivery

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+700 000

downloads of the app in Europe

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+550 000

individual deliverers in the community

Sharing is better,
don’t you think?

You may have noticed that there is often room in your car when you go to work or pick up your children from school, for example. What if you take advantage of these regular trips to make deliveries, in exchange for a tip?

This is crowdshipping: optimizing everyone's resources, for a more virtuous world!

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And on a daily basis,
how does it work?

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Open the Shopopop app and choose a delivery on your way

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Go to the retailer shop to pick up the customer order

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Deliver the order to the customer and the tip is credited to your wallet

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