How can we make the last mile more virtuous?

More and more consumers are having their goods delivered to their homes, and unsurprisingly, it's very polluting, especially when it comes to the last mile. At Shopopop, we're committed to making delivery more responsible, humane and economical.

In 2023, deliveries with Shopopop means:

Car delivery
1 240g CO2e

saved on each delivery, thanks to deliveries made on regular routes.

CO2 reduction
-72% CO2e emissions

compared to the trip a consumer would have made to get to the store.

Saved travels
627 Paris New-York saved

between January and July 2023. Round-trips airfare from Paris to New York for one person.

Last-mile review

When it comes to the last mile, the situation is rather alarming! It alone accounts for :

25% of greenhouse gas emissions*, and

53% of total delivery logistics costs*.

It is therefore urgent to find solutions and take concrete action to address these issues. It is no longer possible to envisage deliveries being made by vehicles that travel only to make deliveries, when many users use their vehicles on a daily basis.

What's more, traditional delivery also has a strong societal impact, fostering exclusion. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be served, and therefore to be able to be delivered. We're thinking in particular of rural areas, which are very often neglected by delivery services. As a result, people in these areas are sometimes isolated and have no delivery solution, which is particularly problematic for people without vehicles or with disabilities.

* Source: Big Blue, "Le dernier kilomètre : un véritable défi pour la logistique verte", 2021

Home delivery with crowdshipping

At Shopopop, we're on the move!

We don't have a magic wand or a miracle solution, but we've decided to roll up our sleeves and look for a way to reduce the ecological impact of delivery while making it more social. How can we do this? By taking advantage of regular delivery routes!

What's a regular route?

A regular trip is one that everyone is used to making. Like a trip to the gym, to the office, to the kids' school, to the grandparents', etc. See? That's where the Shopopop concept was born: to take advantage of our journeys to deliver goods along the way. Each of us can become an everyday hero by optimising our journeys and thus having a positive impact on the planet!

Does it work?

That's right, thanks to the Shopopop community of over 150,000 active deliverers and all their regular routes entered into the Shopopop app, every delivery is guaranteed to find a taker! That's how, when a delivery is posted on our app', there are an average of 45 adapted journeys by our deliverers to carry it out*.

* Source: Internal data, June 2023

Shopopop regular routes

Reinventing delivery for all

Today, Shopopop offers home delivery in over 30,000 of European's towns and villages.

Crowdshipping seen by retailers

They benefit from a flexible, humane and cost-effective delivery solution. What's more, crowdshipping is a responsible delivery service that helps reduce carbon footprints.

Crowdshipping seen by deliverers
Individual deliverers

An active community of over 150,000 deliverers throughout Europe. On average, individual deliverers earn €6 in tips per delivery. A real boost to purchasing power!

Crowdshipping seen by consumers

Consumers pay for their purchases and delivery charges at partner stores, and choose to have them delivered to the address of their choice, at a time slot that suits them, within a 15 miles radius of partner stores.

Raising awareness of crowdshipping

In order to make delivery more virtuous and accessible, it's important for us to raise awareness of good crowdshipping practices. We have therefore set up a number of initiatives to support our community of deliverers on a daily basis.

As soon as an individual registers and throughout Shopopop adventure, we explain and re-explain that Shopopop is not a job and that the idea is to take advantage of a journey to deliver on the way.

Our system distributes deliveries equitably between deliverers, and that's what the collaborative spirit is all about! Deliverers who make too many deliveries are restricted by the system.

Deliveries that correspond to regular routes are given priority by the deliverers concerned.

On average, they earn €6 per delivery. Not enough to cover the cost of gasoline and wear and tear on the car if deliveries are made on unscheduled routes, let alone to turn it into a job - that's not the idea.

We're still thinking about finding new solutions to ensure that deliveries are made on routes that have already been planned. That's our concept, that's Shopopop!

Crowdshipping delivery

The Shopopop impact since 2016

Retailers trust our service
+ 6 000

retailers trust our delivery service

Tips collected
38 M€

of tips collected by our community of deliverers

People pictogram
1 M

consumers have already had their goods delivered thanks to crowdshipping

Delivery becomes a vector of social cohesion

When we think of delivery, we think of the driver who comes to put the parcel in the letterbox, or who rings for the signature to confirm that delivery has taken place. In short, traditional delivery isn't known for its social ties.

But crowdshipping is overturning these codes and reinventing the delivery experience. For both the deliverer and the person being delivered, a crowdshipping delivery is a privileged moment of sharing and exchange.

For the deliverer, in addition to receiving a few euros as a tip, he's doing a service and feels useful. And for the person being delivered, it's a chance to visit, exchange a few words, and sometimes have a coffee if both feel like it. This is how Shopopop makes delivery more humane. That's what crowdshipping is all about, and that's what Shopopop is all about!

Shared moment between deliverer and customer

Shopopop is all about meeting people

Satisfied customer

"Friendly, kind and smiling deliverer. The delivery went very well, the products were well packaged. The deliverer helped put the groceries inside the garage. Great service, safe and a real time saver."

Corinne, customer