You're going to love it!

Make your purchases at your favorite stores, and hop, an individual takes advantage of a trip to deliver your order to your home or to the address of your choice. You can stay at home, we take care of everything!

Your purchases delivered to you, by someone who looks alike

It's not a secret, we have all already encountered problems during a delivery: long delivery times, wide time slots, delivery people who do not ring the doorbell or even damaged products. Thanks to Shopopop, your purchases are delivered in 2 hours, by an individual who (really) takes care of your goods!

Grocery bag delivered by Shopopop

What is crowdshipping?

Optimized routes

Individuals take advantage of their regular trips to deliver your purchases.

Tailor-made deliveries

You choose the delivery window, according to your needs and to the address of your choice.

New encounters

The opportunity to share a few words and a smile with people you might never have met.

The right delivery

Created in 2016, our crowdshipping delivery solution combines the best of technology along with human common sense. A community of individuals takes advantage of their regular trips to deliver on their way. Today, Shopopop, it’s:

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satisfaction rate

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+550 000

individuals to deliver your order

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+3 000

partner retailers across Europe

Shopopop, partner of your favorite stores in Europe

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Adopt a more virtuous delivery!

  1. Shop online (or in store) at our partner merchants
  2. When choosing the pick-up method, choose delivery by a private individual, indicate your address and the desired delivery window.
  3. Et voilà, your purchases are delivered to your address!
Grocery bag delivered to the customer door

Happiness is just a click away

Trust, quality and flexibility are the qualities of our crowdshipping delivery service. It’s as simple as that: you make your purchases with our partner merchants and you choose the crowdshipping delivery!

Flower delivered in a Shopopop tote bag

Who is behind our community?

Deliverers are individuals, like you and us, who take advantage of their regular trips to deliver other people to their homes. For each service rendered, the individual deliverers receive a tip and a big thank you. Today, our community has thousands of individual deliverers all over Europe!

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