Crowdshipping for supermarkets & specialised superstores

Who are we?

We make delivery more flexible, affordable and social. Shoppers collect your customers' shopping while on their regular journeys for a few euros.

There's no need for structural investment: you avoid the costs of buying a vehicle and access potential exponential delivery growth at no extra charge. This low-cost "express" delivery service works equally well in urban areas and rural locations.

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A service approved by major supermarkets 

Since 2016, our service has been used by the big-name supermarkets.

We're now the top crowdshipping service for pick-up in Europe and we already have national coverage in France.

Crowdshipping is an attractive prospect for supermarkets as it opens up new capacity, increases average basket value and brings in new customers.

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The benefits of our solution

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no limits on delivery numbers per time window

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deliver to your customers in 2 hours

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set up delivery without additional structural or staffing costs

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gain new customers and increase your average basket value

Shopopop and supermarkets:
a few figures

Pick up point pictogram

+ 3 000 000

deliveries across Europe

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+ 16 000

towns and cities served

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+ 2 200

partner stores

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4,8 / 5

valued user experience


Clément Posier Directeur Super U Lanmeur

As a seasonal store, Shopopop has allowed us to expand our catchment area and really develop our sales. Paris city dwellers like this service a lot. 60% of our customers are over 60, so home delivery is a big advantage for them. It really makes our store stand out from the crowd.

Clément P. / Manager
Super U - Lanmeur, France

Philippe Germond Associé super U angers

What we find useful is being able to deliver to everyone at a set time. We were doing our own home delivery, but had limited capacity and couldn't manage to deliver when the customer wanted. Now, with endless Shoppers available, we can deliver to lots of customers.

Philippe G. / Partner
Super U - Angers, France

David V Intermarché Talence

The test has been conclusive over the past 4 months. We now do about 30 deliveries a week, which is 10% of our pick-up orders. We're really giving our customers a service and have gained new ones for pick-up. Our average basket value has gone up and we're delighted with the solution.

David V. / Member
Intermarché - Talence, France

The benefits for your business


+ 900 000 users

across Europe

digitalisation simple


a user-friendly business interface

utilisateurs vérifiés


Shopper ID cards are double checked by our services



track deliveries in real time with our customer service

A simple interface for managing your deliveries

Our interface can be accessed from your web browser, where you can create deliveries manually or through automatic data capture using an integrated API.

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