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Offer a quick, flexible and affordable same day delivery service from your store

Ship from Store

Home delivery has become a key distribution channel and had a real surge during the pandemic. Whether you aim to offer a quick and flexible service to customers or to develop ahead of other players in your sector, Ship From Store allows you to deliver to customers from your store rather than from a warehouse.

Shopopop is here to help you set up this service! Optimise delivery distance and time by using your stores' territorial networks and offer your customers flexible, affordable, collaborative, and quick delivery. Let's increase your opportunities together!

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The benefits of our solution

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unlimited number of deliveries per time window

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deliver to your customers in 3 hours

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set up delivery without additional structural or human-resources costs

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gain new customers and increase your average basket value

Increase your turnover

With online commerce continuing its strong growth - 58% of people buy online at least once a month - delivery is playing a key role in consumer buying decisions!

Having home delivery alongside a brick-and-mortar presence creates an opportunity to keep customers loyal, attract new business and increase sales. For example, for pick-up points, we've seen that the average basket value with Shopopop delivery is way above the average value with customer pick-up: €126 with delivery vs €68 with pick-up. With crowdshipping, you reduce your last-mile delivery costs!

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Gain new customers

Did you know that one of the main reasons why online users abandon their baskets is because delivery times are too long? With Shopopop, you can develop your customers by offering quick delivery during the same day at any time of day in urban and rural areas. Our Shoppers can deliver your customers within 2 hours of them buying on your website.

Our crowdshipping solution also meets the needs of the elderly, people who have reduced mobility, don't have their own transport, or are just in a hurry!

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A good experience, guaranteed

The Shopopop solution allows you to monitor the entire customer journey.

  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Your customers are kept up to date with their delivery
  • Our client support is available 6 days a week

At Shopopop, we take care of relationships with customers, store teams and Shoppers.

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2 ways to manage your deliveries

Our business interface can be accessed from your web browser, where you can create deliveries manually or through automatic data capture using an integrated API.

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What our clients say

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What we find useful is being able to deliver to everyone at a set time. We were doing our own home delivery, but had limited capacity and couldn't manage to deliver when the customer wanted. Now, with endless Shoppers available, we can deliver to lots of customers."

Philippe G. / Partner
Super U - Angers, France

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Shopopop is a responsive delivery service that has helped me increase my delivery volumes. The delivery people are wonderful and I'm very happy with the service!"

Sandrine B. / Manager
Le Jardin des Fleurs - Saint-Malo, France

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During COVID-19, the orders came in thick and fast. The Shopopop service really went above and beyond. I'd recommend Shopopop to other stores for the flexible service and customer service."

Amaury B. / Director
Potimarron - Rouen

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