The Shopopop team, at your service

Behind all these deliveries, there is a team of people passionate about building an ecosystem that supports people in helping each other out day-to-day.

Shopopop's history

  • 2014

    It all began in India

    When our co-founder Antoine was working in Mumbai, he came across a local lunchbox-delivery system known as the Dabbawallahs. In this period, carpooling and pick-up for food shopping were also becoming more popular in Europe. An idea began to take shape: what if people helped out their neighbours during regular journeys by delivering their shopping? On his return to France, Antoine met his (future) business partner Johan, and they launched Shopopop together. They envisioned a delivery solution that would be simple and collaborative, with a shared goal of helping people make money from regular journeys while developing mutual aid and a sense of connection.

  • 2016

    Delivery that makes sense

    A delivery service that makes sense, connecting stores, Shoppers and customers who want home delivery. With Shopopop, everyone can make the most of their resources. Major chains and local stores can offer their customers home delivery without limits on time windows or any need for financial investment. Shoppers can get the most from their regular journeys and earn a bit of money delivering to people near them.

  • 2020

    The delivery boom

    In 2020, Shopopop started a new chapter. The pandemic forced French people to have their shopping delivered in order to follow social-distancing rules, with the result being a huge increase in deliveries. Shopopop has been there throughout this unique time to support stores and members of the public. The French government also officially recognised our deliveries as being of public service. Having launched Shopopop in 3 new countries (Portugal, Belgium and Italy), we've become the European crowdshipping leader!

What we believe in

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Life at Shopopop is all about collaboration. Our work is based on communicating with colleagues, understanding each other and listening carefully.

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Our motto is: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". Here, we move forward as a team, sharing our ideas and knowing (who) to ask for help!

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Respect, honesty and kindness are at the heart of our culture and start-up spirit. We all say a friendly hello every morning!

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Our magic recipe involves trying, failing and trying again. Our hallmark is to take responsibility and thrive!

Our founders

Antoine Cheul, CEO

Antoine is a committed entrepreneur. Following 3 years in Mumbai, India, he returned to France in 2015 with the goal of developing a delivery service by members of the public.

Johan Ricaut, Managing Director

A graduate of a sandwich course at IDRAC Business School in Nantes, Johan started out on his entrepreneurial path aged 24 as a student. Having won a competition to create a start-up with an initial digital project, he met Antoine over a drink and the Shopopop concept began to crystallize.

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Shopopop is expanding

In summer 2020, Shopopop set out to win over Europe. With crowdshipping working well in France, why wouldn't it do so elsewhere?

We took our app and, hey presto, (also) set up in Benelux, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Germany!

European map with Shopopop presence

Press area: download our media kit

Our press kit gives you access to all our visuals. It contains various versions of our logo, our co-founders' headshots and photos of our service in action. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for!